How to Delete Hotmail Account – Easy Steps

Creating a new Hotmail account is not an easy task because you need to fill all your details while registering. Whereas, to close or delete Hotmail account is very simple and easy to do from the below steps.

Everyone has their own reasons to delete Outlook email account (in the earlier known as ‘Hotmail‘). Microsoft also provided an option to deactivate your email account without any reasons. You can close or permanently delete your Microsoft account within a few minutes.

Delete Hotmail Account – Follow these steps

Step 1: Go to Microsoft official login page which you can find here. At the sign in page, enter username and password of your Hotmail account which you want to delete completely.

Step 2: When you type those details of your account, click on the below sign in button. Now you’ll be redirected to the inbox of Hotmail account.

Step 3: From there, have a look at the top right side corner and you’ll see profile icon of your account. Now click on that profile photo icon and then select view account option.


Step 4: Here you’ll see a new window which contains more sections on the blue colored menu. Select the last section which is Security & privacy option.

Step 5: Again few more options will be displayed when you choose security & privacy section. Choose or click on the More security settings and also refer below image for more details.


Continue to Close a Microsoft Account

Step 6: When you select more security settings, three options will be shown on the new window section. Those are Recovery code, Trusted devices and close your account.

Step 7: From here, select last option which is close your account and click on the blue color text close my account.


Step 8: When you tap on that option, one pop-up window will be opened and then read all the important notes before going to deactivate. In case, if you changed your opinion click on the cancel option otherwise click the next button.


Step 9: In the next window, they told that to recover deactivated account within 60 days of time period. After that time, it won’t be possible to access deleted account that means unrecoverable. From that section, tick each and every point and also at the bottom choose a reason why you want to delete Hotmail account or else select your reason is not listed option. After that, click on blue color button Mark account for closure.


Step 10: When selecting this option, your account will mark for deletion. Once it’s done, you’ll see a final message link this (have a look at below image).


If you want to recover your deleted Hotmail or Microsoft account, simply sign in to Hotmail account by typing your previous username and password of your account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account – Easy Steps
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