Create Hotmail Account – Sign up for a Hotmail or Microsoft Account

Hotmail is a product of Microsoft that helps an individual to stay up to date with their emails. It provides them with a single place where they can send and receive emails, chat and do other things. An individual who wants to start enjoying the benefits of using Hotmail should create Hotmail account.

Create Hotmail Account – How to Sign up Guide

There are some steps an individual will be expected to go through so that they can create a new Hotmail account. These steps include the following:

Step one: Go to the Hotmail website

The Hotmail website can be accessed by clicking Here an individual will be given two options to either sign in or sign up. Sign in should be used by those people who have accounts while sign up is for those who want to create a Hotmail account. This means that an individual should select the sign up option so that they can proceed to the next step.


Fill in necessary information

After striking the sign up button, an individual will be asked to fill in the sign up page. At this stage, one should decide what their email will be as well as the security of their email. This first step that is used to create Hotmail account is important because it gives an individual a chance to secure their account before proceeding to other things.

Provide personal information

There are some people who will see the need of not providing factual information because of one reason or another. Whichever the case, an individual should make sure that they have kept a record of information that was used when they were creating their Hotmail account. Some of the things a person will be required to fill in include the name, gender, and date of birth. In most cases, it is advisable for a person to use the right information because it is easy to remember right information compared to false information. Those people who have enough reasons not to provide accurate information should just do it just provided that they do not forget what they gave out to Hotmail.

Account name and password

At this point, a person will be expected to create a username that they would like to be using. This username should not be like any other name around because there are chances that somebody might have used it to signup. After creating the username, a person has to create a password for their account. It is important to choose a password that will enhance security and that which can be remembered easily.


Provide contact information

Contact information is important because in case a person loses their username or password, they will be sent resetting links through their contact. Here a person has to make sure that they have provided the contact that is functioning.  It will also be important for a person to select a security question. They should not forget this security question and its answer. Having an alternative email will also be important to a person who wants to create Hotmail account. In case a person does not have another email they can use the email of a close associate of them.



It is also important for a person to say who they are before they complete the process. This entails selecting the country from which an individual comes from. This can be the United States or any other depending on the geographical location of an individual.

After this, an individual will be asked to confirm that they are not a robot before they just move to the last step. This step is aimed at confirming that it is a human being who is signing up for such an email account. This is done by entering some codes that are computer generated and for a person to successfully pass this stage they must type the right thing. This means that a person should make sure that they are keen to avoid wasting time at this stage.


Terms and conditions and privacy policy

Towards the end, an individual will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of service delivery. This is an important step that many people assume. There is no need to take a time to read through these terms and conditions. There is also a privacy policy. One should only agree to create Hotmail account after reading through these conditions because they will be affecting them while they use the email.


How to login to the Hotmail account

After successfully creating a Hotmail account, an individual will be at liberty to sign into their accounts. There is no need for them to worry because this can be done by going to the Hotmail website and selecting the sign in option.

This will request an individual to enter their username and the password and they will be able to access their email. There are very many things an individual can do once they have logged in. the Hotmail services can also be accessed through the Outlook interface on a Windows computer.

Features of a Hotmail

There are some features that make Hotmail a good email for an individual. These features include the following:

  1. It is possible for one to create an email contact list.
  2. One can sort out a Hotmail inbox so that their messages are arranged well for easy reading.
  3. Hotmail allows a person to have a messenger on their PC which alerts them in case they are having a new message.
  4. In case one loses their password, they can reset it so that they can continue using their email.
  5. Those who no longer need the account can close it up.
  6. Unwanted Senders of some emails can be blocked
  7. Hotmail allows an individual to change their email address.
  8. There is enhanced security.
  9. Provides one with a chance to view, change, edit and share office files.
  10. There is document collaboration.
  11. Allows one to send big files of up to ten gigabytes.

There is no doubt that the process of setting up a Hotmail account is easy to understand and once a person has signed up for such an account, they will enjoy using the account for a long time.

Create Hotmail Account – Sign up for a Hotmail or Microsoft Account
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