How to Connect Multiple Hotmail Accounts – Complete Guide

In this section, will see how to connect multiple Hotmail accounts from a single Hotmail account. It’s pretty cool and you love it while using this awesome feature.

Nowadays this is the common question from all the Hotmail users is how we should connect different Hotmail account from a single account. Especially for those who wants to get out of this situation, this tutorial will help a lot.

Even I’m also having multiple Hotmail accounts, one is for private and another one is for job purpose. Every time it won’t possible to access all emails by signing to Hotmail inbox separately. Finally got an ultimate solution to access several accounts from a single account and Hotmail Aliases is created by Microsoft 2013.

By linking to one Hotmail account, you can get lots of advantages and manage new emails in a simple manner. You can use it with the same features without any restrictions by signing to a linked Hotmail account. But there is a problem with that hackers may easily access your Hotmail account. Because you’re using a single username and password to login to your account. When you added multiple accounts whether it’s Hotmail. Gmail and any other account this problem may arise.

However, there are a number of people to use Aliases to manage their multiple accounts in an effective manner. Now let’s jump into that section and follow the guide how to set up Hotmail or Outlook multiple accounts using Aliases.

Multiple Hotmail Accounts – How to Connect

Step 1: Firstly, go to the official page of Outlook website, which you can find here or else type the URL on your web browser.

Step 2: On that page, you’ll see the login box which contains username and password. Type the username of Outlook or Hotmail and enter the password to sing into your account.


Step 3: When you enter into the Hotmail inbox, you’ll see gear icon at the top of the right side corner. Click on that settings gear icon and few options will display. Choose last option that is options.


Step 4: New window will be opened and you’ll see few more options on the left side. Select Accounts and then click on connected account option.


Step 5: Now you can connect other accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, and other online email addresses. At bottom, you can find Email aliases and then click on Manage or choose a primary alias option.


Step 6: Enter the password of your account again and then you’ll see a new window like below image. To add new email address click on the Add email button.


Step 7: You can create a new account and add it as an alias or else add an existing email address as your Microsoft alias. After selecting that hit on the below button Add alias.


Step 8: Once it’s added, your new added alias account will be shown at the section of Account alias. If you want to make it as your primary alias, you can make it and then manage multiple Hotmail accounts using Aliases.

How to Connect Multiple Hotmail Accounts – Complete Guide
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