Hotmail Sign Up – Create A New Account

In this article, we take a look at the Hotmail sign up process behind the Hotmail email service.

With all of the different email services out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose which email account provider to choose for your own account.

Over the past decade or so, email has become a necessary thing to have. With the internet becoming an essential part of most jobs. It has become a primary communication method. On top of that, if you don’t have an email account you aren’t able to create an account for any online service (including online banking or social media).

So with that in mind, here we are going to be focussing in on Hotmail sign up and why you should choose Hotmail over other email services.

Hotmail Sign Up – How To

Below are the steps which must be taken in order for you to create an email account for the Hotmail service.

Step #1 – Start off by heading over to the sign up page, which you can find here. Click on the “Create Account” option.
Step #2 – You will then be prompted to enter both a preferable email address along with a password.

Note: The 3 main choices which you are allowed to choose from with Hotmail are,, and


Step #3 – Once you’ve entered these basic details, the next page will prompt you to enter a variety of basic details. Those details such as your name and a password confirmation.
Step #4 – After entering those details, click “Next” and you will be taken to the account security page. On this page, you will be prompted to decide between entering an alternative email account, security questions, or a phone number. It’s worth noting that for optimal security, use all 3 of these security methods.
Step #5 – Once you’ve done that, you have completed the Hotmail sign up process. Now you will be able to access your newly created email account.

Now that we’ve walked you through the Hotmail sign up process. You are now able to create an email account with Hotmail. Now take advantage of all that it gives you access to.

Email Security

Email security is important and at Hotmail, it’s taken into account. With Hotmail, you are able to add a variety of additional email security methods other than the standard “alternate email account”. While the alternate email account security method is very reliable. As anyone who tries to infiltrate your account would also have to have access to another account. Hotmail offers security questions alongside an emergency contact phone number. Follow this link to secure Hotmail account using two-step verification.

Provided that you are the only one who uses your mobile phone. When you go through the Hotmail registration process, add your phone number. So that in the event that you do lose access to your account, you can go ahead and gain access to it again using this method.

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To Conclude…

Have an email account is crucial in the modern day and age. Without an email account, you aren’t able to gain access to the popular platforms which are social media and more importantly. You are limiting yourself from an employment standpoint.

After you’ve taken advantage of the Hotmail sign up process, you are able to gain access to a wider variety of online services. This includes online banking such as your own bank account along with PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, etc. Also have access along with several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Without an email account, you are limiting what you have access to on the internet. If you don’t already have one, go ahead and sign up to the Hotmail email service now.

Hotmail Sign Up – Create A New Account
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